Haunted House Consulting

That insane piece of work above is me, your humble narrator, at a home haunt in Moscow, Idaho, during 2006. A college friend put the house together. I came in to help him ramp up the scares.

It was not my first haunted house.

I think about Halloween all year and you should, too. I don't mean that you should start planning what you are going to wear to the costume party down the road. I'm thinking haunted houses. These things take time (and money) to plan if you want to do them right.

So I am offering my help as a haunted house consultant. I'm hoping to help out a non-profit organization that wants to do a haunted house for a fundraiser. If you are such an organization in the Yakima, Washington, area, let me know. Since I'm still new at this on a professional level, I won't charge a fee. There will be supply needs based on the type of haunt you want to do and where, but we can keep those low.

If you are a more professional haunted house and just want me to have a look at your place, we can work something out.

If you are outside the Moscow area but are still interested, travel costs would be incurred.

Now, let's say you just want some good make-up done. Maybe you are a family and want to be a small zombie horde for Halloween but you aren't sure how to do the make-up. I can help you with that, too. If you are in my local area, your only cost will be supplies.

Drop me a message at tj@warning-signs.net.