Editing and other services

I love seeing the looks of joy on the faces of first-time authors when they get that first book in their hands. I want to help make that dream come true for you. 

Whether you plan to self-publish, submit your manuscript to big publishing houses, or seek out a small, independent press, you need to have your manuscript edited. Having someone else look at your work with an impartial eye will not only make you a better writer, but it will also make your final product more professional--which helps sales.

I am now offering my services as an editor. But there is a catch: I would prefer to work with writers who have not yet published a book-length manuscript. Because I consider myself a teacher, I feel that I have the most to offer those on the journey toward their initial publication.

I also happen to know that professional editorial services are often out of the reach of many first-time authors financially. According to Writer's Market (which you should invest in), the average freelance editor charges $50 an hour and manages to edit 5-15 pages an hour. In other words, you could end up paying $800 to have someone edit your 250-page manuscript. If you are a first-time author, especially if you plan to self-publish or work with an independent publisher, you probably don't have $800 to spend on an editor.

Here are my rates for first-time authors only:

$1.00 per page for line editing (this is essentially a thorough grammar check and a watch for consistency and plot holes). For example, that 250-page manuscript that almost cost you $800, would cost you $250.

$50 for story consultation. This is a more in-depth look at the structure of your story. Do your characters work? Are there major plot holes that need filled? Can a  reader see your plot twists coming a mile away? Yes, you would essentially be paying me to read your book. You can get a friend to do that. But your friend might only tell you the good stuff or take longer to give you any feedback. All deals I make come with set deadlines.

Editing can be done via Microsoft Word and the "track changes" feature, OpenOffice, or even by hand with my trusty red pen. 

We will negotiate a deadline that works not only for the time you hope to get feedback, but also for my schedule. A 250-page line edit would take about a week from start to finish. I can provide you with a detailed account of the actual time devoted to your project for comparison to other editors.

Note: these rates are for first-time authors only. If you've previously published a book-length manuscript, we can negotiate a fair and reasonable rate. This is not purposefully to charge experienced authors more, but rather to maintain my focus on working with new authors.

For more information, contact me at tj@warning-signs.net

That insane piece of work above is me, your humble narrator, at a home haunt in Moscow, Idaho, during 2006. A college friend put the house together. I came in to help him ramp up the scares.

It was not my first haunted house.

I think about Halloween all year and you should, too. I don't mean that you should start planning what you are going to wear to the costume party down the road. I'm thinking haunted houses. These things take time (and money) to plan if you want to do them right.

So I am offering my help as a haunted house consultant. I'm hoping to help out a non-profit organization that wants to do a haunted house for a fundraiser. If you are such an organization in the Yakima, Washington, area, let me know. Since I'm still new at this on a professional level, I won't charge a fee. There will be supply needs based on the type of haunt you want to do and where, but we can keep those low.

If you are a more professional haunted house and just want me to have a look at your place, we can work something out.

If you are outside the Moscow area but are still interested, travel costs would be incurred.

Now, let's say you just want some good make-up done. Maybe you are a family and want to be a small zombie horde for Halloween but you aren't sure how to do the make-up. I can help you with that, too. If you are in my local area, your only cost will be supplies.

Drop me a message at tj@warning-signs.net.