Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 Crypticon: NUN of your business

UPDATE: Due to her filming schedule, Bonnie Aarons will be unable to attend Crypticon, which means I won't be interviewing her.

Don't cry too much. Instead, I will be interviewing Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, The Devil's Rejects).

Hello, followers, it is I, your humble narrator coming at you today with what is now an annual tradition. I have my panel schedule for the 2017 Crypticon Seattle!

First, an update on the convention. For its tenth installment, the con has moved up to the first weekend of May instead of Memorial Day weekend. Yeah, kind of a bummer not to have that extra day off, but that's the breaks. We;ll also be at the DoubleTree in Sea-Tac instead of the Hilton.

If you need more information, hit the website here.

Before I get you my schedule, keep in mind that times, room locations and all of that can change. So instead of giving you the precise schedule, I will order this by day. Fair enough?


Horror Musicals and Theater


Bonnie Aarons (from THE CONJURING 2) Interview

Philosophy and Horror

Haunters: Tales From the Trenches

True Tales of Murder


Thom Matthews (JASON LIVES: FRIDAY THE 13TH Pt. VI) and Miguel Nunez (FRIDAY THE 13TH Pt. V: A NEW BEGINNING)


Yes, that's right. The fine folks at the con have opened up time for a variety of authors to read from their works. You will get to listen to me read Sunday afternoon.

And before that, we'll talk about theaters of blood, haunted attractions and the people who work in them,  why horror matters on a deeper level, and back by popular demand true tales of murderous fiends from around the world.

We'll throw in some interview panels along the way, too. Those are always a blast.

Watch for more details as we inch closer to the convention.


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