Friday, June 3, 2016

Stephen King Countdown: the book that should be a movie

Everyone has their own opinion on what Stephen King book/story should be a movie but isn't yet and now that a DARK TOWER movie is actually filming much of the chorus has been silenced.

Unfortunately, most of the rising voices are about remakes. That sucks because there are so many works that haven't made either the big or small screen that deserve to be seen. Yes, it looks like a two-part IT remake is happening and and PET SEMETARY remake is in the works and blah blah blah.

Personally, I think money people should throw in behind works like Hulu's 11.22.63. That was awesome (more on that during the countdown). LISEY'S STORY would be great in that format. Give it an eight or ten episode run with a major leading lady of an age that most of Hollywood ignores these days and it could be amazing.

Who would I cast as Lisey Landon? I'll be honest, at this point I want Gillian Anderson in everything.  She could carry a series on her own and you know it. Toni Collette, Vera Farmiga or event resurgent Winona Ryder would be options in my opinion.

Casting writer Scott Landon would be tricky because the actor in may ways needs to overshadow the actress. Many of the scenes when they are together have Lisey is in the background, supporting her famous husband. As the novel develops, we see her come out of that shadow and find her own strength.

So who should it be? The role requires a traditionally handsome man but one who can bring out a tragic backstory. The role needs an actor who is not afraid to portray weakness.

Here I am torn between a couple of Avengers and maybe not the one you are thinking of. No, I don't want Robert Downey Jr. in this movie. He's great, but just not right. Mark Ruffalo or Jeremy Renner, on the other hand... Now that I can dig.

Tenner might come off, oddly, as too young. But he was the best part of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. And Ruffalo? That dude can act and act fearlessly. He's arguably the best pure actor (as evidenced by his other weighty roles, especially in Oscar-winner SPOTLIGHT) working in the comic book movies.

The other key cog would be a director. If it went as a feature-length film, we'd able to throw out a variety of names and see what sticks. Alejandro G. Inarritu would be gold as he's shown an ability to move between realism and a more fantastical world in one piece.

Another director option, if I'm picking, would be Bennet Miller. He made CAPOTE and the bleakness combined with hope in that film is exactly what LISEY'S STORY needs.

If they went the Hulu or other streaming service route, there are plenty of capable directors out there. My one caveat would be to let Anderson and Ruffalo each direct an episode.

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