Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Post-Crypt 2016

As you know, this Crypticon was quite different from the previous two years for me. Yes, I paneled and interviewed, as I do. But I didn't go to many panels and, I am sad to say, never got to do a full wander of the vendor room.

Which means I didn't get to meet Cassandra Peterson (Elvira).

I did, however, have an amazing experience.

Saturday, I interviewed Tony Todd. We talked about jazz, the sense of ownership fans have about creative peoples, and how CANDYMAN gave him a chance to work in gang intervention programs. He is a solid gentleman and someone I am sure his friends and family are happy to know.

There's even a fan-filmed YouTube video of the interview.

Later that evening, I met with a group of writers as part of the Blysster Press Writers' Workshop. Blysster sponsors the convention's annual writing contest since 2011 and this is the second year that one-on-one workshops have been offered. I loved talking to these writers and I hope they enjoyed our time together, as well.

The pinnacle of Saturday came around midnight when I participated in a panel titled TRUE TALES OF MURDER. There are some messed up people in the world. I spoke about the Lafferty Brothers from Utah. The panel went until 1:45 a.m. The audience for the panel was great and I can't thank them enough for sticking with us for that long.

Panel coordinator Lorelei Shannon told me we'll do this again next year, but maybe bump it up by an hour.

Sunday became exciting right from the start. Charity Becker, fellow author and Blysster Press head honcho, got sick. She and her husband Born had to back up their stuff and head home. That meant the point of sale equipment for our Blysster Press table and everything. For a moment, it looked like I and Blysster Press author Timothy Black wouldn't be able to sell anything. At that point, I'd sold eight books. I wanted to sell more.

Out came the Square reader I had. Tim found chance for the cash customers and we were rolling. I managed to sell 10 more books for a total of 18 for the weekend.

And even more people got to hear Tim's pitch for his book, GEARTEETH:

"Tesla versus werewolves. Werewolves win. Book begins."

You can order Gearteeth from Blysster. It's on Amazon, too, if you prefer that route.

Big thanks, too, to Martha Hull who helped us with on-the-fly signage. Check out her art and stories.

Cosplay and make-up are huge parts of the con and I have to mention my favorite costume of the weekend. A gentleman in all white with a neon halo came by. His heart was exposed and he held an etched-glass version of the Lament Configuration (the Hellraiser puzzle box) inches hands. Great costume, but the concept behind it sealed the deal for me. "What if Jesus opened the box?" he said.


Next year, the con will move from the Hilton to the Doubletree and also move up from Memorial Day weekend to the first weekend of May. I hope it works out.

As a thanks for the support throughout the weekend, I am offering CRY DOWN DARK for free on the Kindle until Saturday. Get it here.

Until then, thank you Crypticon!

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