Saturday, May 28, 2016

Crypticon 2016: dayone... cha-ching!

My Crypticon experience has been somewhat different than the two years previous. While I am still doing panels, the rest of my time will be behind the table for Blysster Press, my publisher. This lead to a great moment yesterday before the con officially opened.

First of all, I try to avoid name-dropping and egotistical bullshit because that's not who I am. It makes me look like a jerk and, in my opinion, doesn't put you in a good light with the person whom you referenced.

My first book sale of the con was to Lance Henriksen. You know, Bishop from ALIENS and so many other great movies (NEAR DARK is a favorite of mine) that it's impossible to name them unless you are IMDB.

He was walking through the artists/authors alley to have a smoke and stopped at our table shortly after we'd finished setting up. He picked up my book CRY DOWN DARK,we chatted, and he bought a copy. Yes, I signed it and I rode that high all day. As you can see, I woke up still feeling it.

I had two panels yesterday-- X-Files and Freak Shows -- and both went well. X-Files was one of the first panels of the con, was well-attended and much debate about the recent season was had. I love that the folks in charge let me do this. There are few feelings in the world like having intelligent discussion with other passionate people.

My other panel was at 11 p.m. and the two people in attendance were great for myself and the moderator. There were other people listed for the panel and it bothers me that some people don't live up to things they agreed to do. Sure, I was tired, but I said I'd be there and I was.

What you can is that I didn't have time to wander around the vendor room and talk to other people and interact with anyone who didn't walk by my table. You know what? I'm fine with that. I'm doing a different thing this year and so far, I dig it.

If you are at the con, you'll see plenty of me. I'll be conducting a panel interview with Tony Todd (Candyman) at 1 p.m., serving as a reader/mentor for the Blysster Press writing workshop at 6 p.m., and presenting on the Lafferty Brothers at midnight as part of the True Tales of Murder panel.

Midnight, see? I'll be there and you should be there, too.

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