Sunday, May 1, 2016

#crypt16: Where will I be?

It's that time of year again. Time to ... die!  NO, I'm kidding. It's time to find out what wonderfully twisted panels I will be participating in at Crypticon Seattle this year.

For the full panel schedule, go here. You're panels with of our favorite people here at Warning Signs. Tom Carnell, Katie Cord, Timothy W. Long, Langley J. West, Lorelei Shannon and more will bring you gobs of good information on all things horror. So what will I be doing?

Friday | 5:00 pm | Columbia B
Whether you liked aliens, conspiracies, or straight-up monsters, The X-Files had something for you. What were some of the best episodes? And what do you think of the new series? Where should it go next? Amie Simon (M), Don Thacker, Julie McGalliard, TJ Tranchell

Freak Shows
Friday | 11:00 pm | Alpine Room
Was the heyday of American freakshows appalling exploitation, or unique individuals commanding their own destiny? Today’s freakshows often feature self-made “freaks.” Why are we so fascinated with people who are physically different? Brittany Mosley, Julie McGalliard (M), Rebecca Brown, TJ Tranchell

True Tales of Murder
Saturday | Midnight | Columbia B
Are you fascinated with terrifying killers? Do you want to learn about some of the worst from some of the Pacific Northwest’s most twisted minds? Join us! Claudia Dolph, Don Thacker, Jasen A. Mortensen, Langley J. West, Lorelei Shannon, TJ Tranchell

Dark Side of Disney
Sunday | 3:00 pm | Horizon Room

Disney has given us some of the most delightful moments on film, but also some seriously dark shit. Characters have been impaled, hung, crushed, and plummeted to their deaths. And let’s not forget that “Bambi’s Mom” trauma. Brittany Mosley, Courtney Karg, Gadget (M), Lily Munn, Matthew S. Ellison, Esquire, Paul Carpentier, TJ Tranchell

How about that? I'll be talking "X-Files," the horrors of Disney, freak shows, and real life murders. Oh, and there may be a few more surprises before we get to Memorial Day weekend. Stay tuned and stay scared!

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