Thursday, November 5, 2015

Horror Block: first box

Yesterday, I received my first Horror Block, one of the many subscription-based gift boxes available. The box is $19.99 plus $9.95 shipping into the U.S. from Canada, but each box purports to contain $60 worth of items.

Let's break into this box and see what we have.

First of all, the box design is fun. You can that mine got a bit banged up on the corner, but nothing inside was damaged.

I like this already. The allusion to "The Walking Dead" is fun and the popular AMC show is one of the reasons for the abundance of these subscription service. Love it or hate, TWD's influence is everywhere in horror.

First up is a Chucky plush. When I opened the box last night, my two-year-old son was hoping there would be something in it for him. Unfortunately, he and my wife concluded that this Chucky doll was too scary and should be an office toy. The felt knife and Bride of Chucky facial scarring put this over the edge from kid-friendly to adults only. The doll is a Mezco plush and sells for $19.95.

I love horror-themed t-shirts and contrary to the will of my spouse, I don't think I have enough of them. The shirt is this box came from ShirtPunch and all their shirts are $10.

Yeah, this is the highlight of the box for me. I love Jason and the Friday the 13th franchise. This moon-rising mask shirt is an amazing design. It's 100 percent cotton and I get mine in XL. I'm glad to have this as my wrap-around Friday the 13th shirt is getting worn out and I wear my What Would Jason Do? t-shirt too often. (I have one of those Saturday the 13th shirts, too, but I can't wear it this month.)

This is a good time to tell you that each box comes with a card describing each item. The thumbnails certainly help, especially with one of the next items.

Horror Block generally contains a DVD. This time, it was Argento's Dracula, a 3-D release from 2012. This DVD from the Raven Banner label is not 3-D and that's fine. Rutger Hauer plays Van Helsing and Dario Argento's daughter Asia is in the flick, too. When this came out, I started to watch it and it was kind of awful. I'll give it another chance.

According to the card, the print you see above is called "They're Coming To Get You" and features zombie and zombie-like faces. Michael Jackson from "Thriller" is the centerpiece but we also see Romero zombies, "The Walking Dead," and more represented. The bottom right corner has Dr. Hill from Re-Animator and Gage Creed from Pet Sematary so that makes me happy. Paul Hanley painted the original as part of Gallery Guzu's "Something Spooky" line. I would not have known that without the card.

Cover priced at $14.95, Rue Morgue magazine's Cryptic Collectibles is a 138-page guide to horror collectibles. I was hoping to get an actual Rue Morgue in here, but this is cool, too. Of course, I'll have to flip through it and see how much some of my stuff might be worth. (According to my wife that information won't do me any good because I'll never sell any of it. She's right, in the end, but it's still nice to know.)

Last up is a Summoner's mouse pad. Now, here's the deal: I tend to draw the line at Ouija board movies. It's a personal choice I made. The design of this mouse pad is cool but I'm not sure I'll keep it. That's part of the fun of the box. If I'm not keen to something, I know people who would be. So I might put this mouse pad up for grabs here or on our Facebook page.

As I mentioned, Horror Block runs $19.99 a month, but they do have multiple month subscriptions and those do have discounted prices. I'm pretty happy with this box and I might go ahead and pay for a couple months upfront to get the discount. The last thing in the box convinced me. It's a teaser for next month's block and tells me there will be "Twilight Zone" item included. I love that show. It's a formative part of who I am. Then again, there's also something from Sharknado... Hey, maybe my son will get a shark toy next month. Stay tuned!

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