Friday, October 2, 2015

The 31-day challenge: days one and two

It's not a diet, let's get that straight. In fact, some of the offerings may ruin one's appetite.

It's the 31-day challenge: an attempt by many to watch a horror movie every day for the month of October. You know, because people like me need an extra reason. Given that I have a wife who is very particular about her engagement with the genre and a toddler son who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas and Monsters, Inc. but isn't really old enough for anything else (soon, soon).

So what am I to do? I started off right. I was sick and stayed home. I turned on The Monster Squad and fell asleep during the opening scene. I woke up in time to see the Wolfman get blown up and his limbs reattach themselves.

You know what? The Monster Squad really isn't age-appropriate, is it? Dracula blows up a cop, there a wealth of violence, and discussions about sex. I can see why some parents may not want to let their kids watch it. My son will watch it when he's ready and he'll probably let me know when that time comes.

Even though I slept through my official day one viewing, it still counts.

Day two, however...

I may not get to watch anything today. I suppose I could shut my office door, call it my lunch hour and stream something on my personal computer. Or I could just stay up late, after everyone else goes to sleep and ... wait ...

I did watch most of Little Shop of Horrors last night, too. Can that count for today?

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