Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Short fiction: Appointment with the Knifeman

I'm trying out a new publishing platform called QuarterReads and my first story has just gone up there. It's called "Appointment with the Knifeman" and I think you'll like it.

Here's how QuarterReads works for you, the reader. You sign up and pay $5 (credit/debit/PayPal). With that money, you get to pick what you read. For each story you read, you pay .25 out of your account. You can reload your account with as much as yo want and explore a whole world of short fiction. (The initial sign-up is $5, so you'll get your money's worth in stories from it.) You can vote for favorites and those are ranked by genre and an overall category. You can also tip writers if you particularly enjoyed a story. Out of that quarter, the writer (in this case, me) gets twenty-two cents and 100 percent of any tip you may choose to leave. All the stories are 2,000 or less, so your small investment can add up to a decent payout for the writer if plenty of people read.

I like this set up, because it will show me how many people actually read a story. you should be one of them. Now, if you sign up and only want to read my stories, be patient. I'll be sending some more work that way soon. But try out some of the other stories, too.

Here, what you've been waiting for, is the link to my story. If you like it, favorite it and hit those Facebook and Twitter  buttons. Spread the word.

"Appointment with the Knifeman"

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