Monday, May 25, 2015

Post-Crypticon: What's in the box?

Now, readers, here's what's going to happen. This is an exciting week for me. On Friday, I defend my thesis, a serial killer novella currently (but not for long) called Good Fences. Including this week, I have two weeks of classes and finals week left before graduating with my Master's degree in Literature. Kind of a big deal. The good news is that Crypticon and this blog are helping me not psych myself out about the defense. I do still have work to do for school (grading, story revisions, a presentation, and so forth), so it might be a few days or a week or two before I finish up the items on the list below.

But here, for your planning purposes, are the topics I plan to cover in the near future:
  • A look at the various books and other items I picked up at the convention. I didn't have the time to shop around, so I didn't come home with much. What I did bring back is worth looking at.
  • Black Land is a film in the CineCoup Accelerator (like the best horror movie I've seen this year, Wolfcop was last year). Black Land made the top 5 (announced as I was writing this post), so get ready to hear more about that project.
  • CTRL is another independent feature I've been following. They sent me a release and my first thought was, "You had me at 'biological drones.'"
  • Travis Coleman was my neighbor for a few years when we were kids. Guess what? He grew up to be a horror writer, too. He was a contestant in David Wellington's Fear Project and right now is having a .99 ebook sale (until Thursday, May 28). 
  • I still need to do a review of the Carpe Noctem 20 magazine. It's beautiful, to say the least.
  • I've also been reading Benjamin Percy's Red Moon and The Dead Lands. When I'm done, you'll hear about it. I should also reach back to some other recent reading and talk about Neil Gaiman's Trigger Warning before the end of June comes and I get sucked into Finders Keepers, Stephen King's sequel to Mr. Mercedes. If the budget works out, I'll get a copy of The Scarlet Gospels Clive Barker, too.
  • I have some other potential projects in the works that I will let you know about. I'll have a full summer of writing and hanging out with my son.

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