Sunday, May 24, 2015

Crytpicon 2015, Day two: Hi, Mum!

That was a busy day. I got to the con at 10:30 a.m. and left at 11:30 p.m. And I was "on" most of that time. Sat on three panels, attended two more, and sold books (you should buy GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries and get it signed before the end of the con).

My first job of the day was a panel interview with Jen and Sylvia Soska. I tout these women quite a bit and the panel was not only informative but entertaining. We were joined by Kaj-Erik Eriksen from See No Evil 2. We talked about that film, the challenges and differences in filming Glenn "Kane" Jacobs in See No Evil 2 and The Big Show in Vendetta, which will be out June 12.

Dean Cain--remember him? He was Superman for a few years--is apparently a bad ass. On set he took his knocks and got right back up.

We also talked about some new projects, including a television project they just finished some work on, and their next feature film: Plastic. This will follow a Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon as he gets into trouble. That's pretty much all the sisters can say right now, but it's great to get that information to the fans.

Of course, we touched on Painkiller Jane, a writing project for a certain big-name comic book publisher, and their Kickstarter project Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack! Fans will be able to buy Soska Sisters action figures!

And then, we called their mom, Agnes. We had a full room and everyone said hello and goodbye. I love these moments because cons like this are were they happen.

You'll be able to see the interview soon. Our friends at SciFi Monkeys recorded it and I will let you know when it's ready.

So what else did I do?

I did my two panels and they were great. The Stephen King Retrospective was at 10 p.m., but we still had some people show up. But my panels weren't the highlights of the day.

Thom and Catia Carnell, the braintrust behind Carpe Noctem and the 20th anniversary edition that I have written about here and mention every once in a while, came down for a couple panels. They did a panel about CN20 and brought their daughter Connor, who was on the cover of the first issue. That image is now on T-shirts celebrating the anniversary and I saw a few of them (including mine) around the con, Thom and Cat are two of my favorite on the planet and it was great to hear the evolution of their magazine, as well as what they are doing now. Keep your eyes open for a coloring book from Cat and Monica Richards!

Thom then did a solo panel called Ask the Embalmer. This might sound like an opportunity for schlock and exploitation, but that's not how Thom rolls. Thom's respect for the dead and living is obvious and he shows himself to be a kind and caring person. He does these every now and again, so I'm not going to ruin the experience for any one who get to hear him speak. I'll just say that it's worth it.

This was a short visit but I'll be sure to keep you up to date on all the awesome projects coming from the Carnells.

One thing the Carnells and the Soskas have in common is a dedication to their friends and being part of a community of artists. During the Soskas interview, we talked about that network. Filmmaker GiGi Saul Guerrero was in the crowd and I asked her and her LuchaGore crew to stand. We gave them some applause and it was a fun moment. This turned out well because later in the evening, their film El Gigante won the con's short film award.

The future of horror happens here, people.

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