Monday, May 25, 2015

Crypticon day three: Wheaton's Law

Captain's Log, stardate May 24, 2015. I witnessed a beautiful young woman miss her opportunity for a photo with the Soska Sisters because her fiancee broke Wheaton's Law. For those who do not know, Wheaton's Law (named after actor Wil Wheaton, who coined the phrase) states: Don't be a dick. The purpose is to remind convention goers--and everyone--to be respectful. That means you ask a cosplayer if you can take a photo; you wait calmly in lines until your turn; yo do not push and shove for seats in panel rooms; and you do not bark orders at celebrity guests.

Jen and Sylvia are two of the kindest and most giving industry people I've met and to see them treated rudely and crudely is heartbreaking. And the woman who missed her photo because the man who should have been at her side and supportive is not going to remember anything else from the weekend. It's a shame.

The good news is that the con staff took care of business.

Now that I have out of the way, let's talk shop.

Most of my day was spent on panels. I did a writing workshop with Charity Becker from Blysster Press and as long as I stay focused, we'l have some good news from that in a couple months. Charity worked with a few other writers and her skill as an editor should make everyone in that room a better writer.

Next, I had the Living with Horror panel. While we didn't have a huge crowd, the conversation between myself, Lorelei Shannon, William J. Bivens, and Adrian Bourne was excellent. We discussed the boundaries we have as parents and horror fans and how to negotiate the waters of relationships with non-fans. Quite insightful. The big message is that even if your parents weren't involved and you turned out OK doesn't mean you should be uninvolved yourself as a parent.

Directly after (and conveniently in the same room), I particiapted in a panel on horror and body modification. We talked about American Mary, Strangeland, and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. For me, the most interesting part of the discussion was hearing from someone who does body mods professionally clearly say that he makes people wait a few days after discussing a work before completing it. It's great to know that there are pros doing this (sadly, not all of them care as much), and that great consideration is made beforehand.

We also spoke about the cultural and societal differences between "body modifications" such as piercing, tattoos, scaring, and branding, and cosmetic surgery. It is a fascinating world (says the man with no current piercings).

And then it was time to say goodbye. I let my con sisters, Michelle Kilmer and Becky Hansen of When the Dead Books go their way and I made my way back to Ellensburg. I have a week ahead of me to stress out about my thesis defense on Friday, so it was great to have this past weekend to not think about that.

You should think about buying our book, however. Michelle's short story collection Last Night While You Were Sleeping was the biggest seller for our table. I'm jealous and would like more people to buy GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries. Keep your eyes peeled for the submission call for Take, the second volume in the series.

Until next year, stay scared and follow us on Twitter @Warning_Signs31

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