Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ah, November aka Halloween Hangover

I hate starting out apologizing for not blogging enough during the best month of the year. I have a ton of stuff going on (much of which you will get to hear about), and priorities sometimes get shifted. 


My local theater chain did not get HORNS on Halloween. I'm pissed, because I wanted to see it on the big screen. They did, however, get the 10th anniversary edition of SAW. Here's the thing: ten years is WAY too soon to commemorate a film. Give it another fifteen years. If SAW is still a standard-bearer after twenty-five years, then I'll go see it again.

In other news, MERCY, the new film based on Stephen King's short story "Gramma" showed up on Netflix Instant stream the other day. I'll give it a watch and let you know how that goes.

Speaking of Uncle Stevie, yours truly will be presenting a paper on King at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association national conference next April. It's in New Orleans, which is a city I've wanted to visit since I was 14. I just celebrated my 35th birthday, so twenty-one years of longing will--hopefully--be satisfied. 

Work on my next novel is going well. Right now, I'm in the novel equivalent of film pre-production before I get done to the actually writing in about a month. I will then spend the next three months writing and revising the book so you might not hear much from me during that time. If something important happens, I'll let you know.

So until next time, I leave you with video of author Joe Hill visiting "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

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