Sunday, October 5, 2014

Seize the night! Help fund Carpe Noctem's 20th anniversary issue

Carpe Noctem was a huge influence on me during the late 1990s. The sad part is that I discoveed the magazine so late in the game that I almost missed it. I bought the last three issues at a Borders bookstore in Provo, Utah, of all places and they have been something I've carried with me ever since.

Then one day, I met Thom Carnell. I was at ZomBcon in Seattle and he was a frequent panel moderator. It took me a minute, but then the name hit me. This black leather-jacketed gentleman was CARNELL! So I had to tell him how much his publication meant to me. And then he introduced me to his wife Catia who did the design work for Carpe Noctem. I held it together but this was some seriously nerdy hero-worship for me.

I've stayed in touch with Thom, even interviewing him for this blog. And now he and Cat are preparing an anniversary issue to commemorate Carpe Noctem's launch 20 years ago.

You can help make this a reality. A Kickstarter campaign opened on Sept. 30 and has reached half of its funding goal already. But halfway is not all the way. Pitch in. There are some cool rewards. The real reward, of course, is seeing the 20th anniversary edition make it to print. I want a copy so yes, I made a pledge. (It's part of my birthday present to myself, which works out since the campaign closes the day before my birthday.)

Thom and Cat are good people who will not release a subpar product so you can bet your bottom dollar that what they have planned will be amazing.

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