Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stephen King is Coming to My House

That might be the most misleading headline I've ever written. No, Stephen King will not be stopping by anywhere near me on his fall book tour promoting Revival. And it's true that I can hear King's voice in my home any time I want to by listening to the audiobooks he has recorded or by watching one of his interviews on the web. The REAL life Stephen King will never come to my home and I will probably never get to meet him (that sucks put it is a hard truth I am coming to grips with). Thanks to toymaker extraordinaire NECA, I will get to have a version Stephen King in my home.

NECA has produced a line of figures commemorating the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons and the Series 3 offerings include King.  I first heard this via a contest on another site but I knew I could not risk not winning. So I got up that morning, showed the picture to my wife and said, "I'm buying this and you can't stop me." I'm usually not that rude to her, but she agreed that I should buy one. (I managed to still get the regular retail price of $12.99 from NECA plus a few bucks for shipping.) When I placed my order through Amazon, the page showed only 18 figures left. Then another seller had a few, and so on and so forth, but some folks are already reselling them for more than $20. Which is not as insane as the glow-in-the-dark NES 8-bit Jason Voorhees figure that is now $64.99, but still pretty crazy.

I'm excited, to say the least. Sure, the figure doesn't look much like King, but that's OK. I'll know who it's supposed to be.

Now they just need to make Neil Gaiman, Freddy and Jason, Agents Mulder and Scully, Tom Savini, Stan Lee, "Weird" Al, Mr. T, Thomas Pynchon, Metallica, Michael Chabon, Jonathan Franzen, Gore Vidal, Tom Wolfe, Daniel Clowes, Alan Moore, Jim Jarmusch, Gary Larson, David Mamet, and Harlan Ellison figures and I'll be set. (This list got much longer than I originally intended ... just like The Simpsons!) 

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