Monday, August 18, 2014

Is it Halloween yet?

I am so ready for Halloween. Not only am I sick of the summer heat, I am also ready for a run on new Halloween goodies. My son, 17 months old now, won't quite be old enough for full on trick-or-treating, but he will be ready for a bit more action than he had last year. No decisions on a costume yet, but I'd really like to find a combo costume for him and me. Last year, the whole family got in on the act as he was the Big Bad Wolf, my wife Little Red Riding Hood and I was the Woodsman, axe and all. Fun get-up, but I want something we can maybe scare a few people with. Or at least gross them out.

This Halloween will also mark my 35th birthday. Not as big a deal as 30 was or 40 will be, but still a good marker of time. Halfway to 70, you know. It's not that I'm feeling old (OKAY, sometimes), but I want to make the holiday memorable for the limited time that I get to pick my son's costumes.

The little guy is asleep right now and my wife out having a girls' night. I am home getting into the holiday spirit by watching the vastly unseen anthology film TRICK 'R TREAT. Dylan Baker's serial killer school principal is getting filed away for reference for a character I have in mind for another story. He's brilliant in this film. If you've seen it, you know what I mean. If you haven't, get on the ball and see it (every once in a while, it pops up on Netflix instant. Keep your peepers peeled).

For now, hit me up with suggestions for father and (toddler) son costume ideas. Email, Facebook, or Twitter.


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