Monday, May 19, 2014

Follow me during Crypticon

You love social media, don't you? Well, I finally got a smartphone which means better tweeting and Facebooking during the upcoming Crypticon weekend. Check for status updates, tweets, and more during the three days of horror devotion.

And if you are there, use the hashtag #crypt14 to connect with other convention goers. Add the hashtag #warningsigns to those tweets so I know you saw it here.

Don't be shy about introducing yourself to me, either. Catch me Friday night at six for the Reality vs. Fiction panel, Saturday at noon for the Jeffrey Combs interview, and Sunday afternoon at 2 for interviews with Jennifer Lynn Warren and Naomi Grossman of American Horror Story (note the switch including Grossman here instead of Nat Quarry.)

I'll be hitting other panels and film screenings during the weekend and will pass along the fun to you suckers who can't be there.

In case you've forgotten, follow us on Twitter @Warning_Signs31, and like us on Facebook at

You can always email me, your humble narrator, at

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