Monday, May 26, 2014

Crypticon Day Three: A day late

I had to hit the road shortly after my final panel yesterday, so that's why the day three recap is coming to you now.

I sat in on the Carel Struyken, John Kassir, Camden Toy, and Doug Jones panel. If ever a panel needed more than an hour, that was the one. All four men were incredible and hearing the stories of how they each got their start in showbiz was illuminating. Really, each man could have had his own hour, although having them together allowed for some interesting moments, such as Toy and Jones acting like golden retrievers, and Kassir and Jones talking about auditioning for the role of Mac Tonight (which Jones got). Struyken's gem came toward the end as he talked about working on season two of Twin Peaks and how crazy the final days were.

My final interview panel was with Naomi Grossman and Jennifer Lynn Warren. The two shared stories of the secretiveness of working on American Horror Story and the closeness of the cast and crew. The insights into the craft of acting and the dedication it takes to be a working actor were appreciated by the 10 or so folks in attendance. My hope is that it becomes one of those things  were everyone lies and says they were there. I mean it. The hour went by way too quickly and they both have more stories to tell. Maybe I will be lucky enough to be the one to facilitate those tales.

I will get a full wrap-up with personal highlights soon. Until then, don't forget to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @Warning_Signs31, and leave comments.

Also, if you attended one of the panels I moderated, let the Crypticon staff know what you thought, both good and bad. Heck, let me know. I hope to be able to moderate again next year (and if you run a convention and like what I did and want me to come to your show, reach me via email at If you have any pictures of the panels I did with Naomi Grossman, Jennifer Lynn Warren, Reggie Lee, and Jeffrey Combs, let me know where I can find those.

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