Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Will answer horror trivia for food

Have you ever been told that your interests will never put food on your plate? I have. To those naysayers I say,"Ha! You were wrong."

Yesterday afternoon on my commute home, I answered a radio station contest. The DJ plays a movie clip. Identify the movie and win stuff. The prize this time around was from Jack in the Box and included a hat, a T-shirt, a drawstring bag, two stickers, and two coupons for a free Bacon Insider Burger.

I don't really need another T-shirt or another hat. And I definitely do not need another drawstring bag. But I need to eat and free food is the best kind. In this case however, this was not about the prize, but the question.

Remember the prompt: DJ plays movie clip (it's radio so sound only). Identify movie, win stuff.

The clip was from Tremors (Get it? Kevin Bacon movie + bacon insider burger = radio promotion) and was only about two seconds long. I, naturally, knew it right away. The thrill was in knowing that I could answer the question. The prize could have been anything. The prize didn't matter. What mattered was proving that knowing something that seems stupid to other people does have value. You can do it, too.

So, who wants to play Trivial Pursuit?


  1. What was the clip? Guessing either "Can you fly?" or "Whatever they're doing I don't care as long as it's way the hell over there!"

  2. It was, "This one's not going for it."