Friday, January 3, 2014

Scary song of the week: Closer to the Bone

Just watched 2013's Texas Chainsaw on Netflix. I liked the film when I saw it almost a year ago, and in 3-D, even. And I liked it again, now. But one thing I noticed more this time around was the song over the end credits. (I didn't give it much of a listen because there was a snow storm on and I wanted to get home. Here at my house, the temperature was 50 degrees and there hasn't been a flake of snow.)

The song is called "Closer to the Bone" by Tom Leonard and Logan Mader.  I couldn't find any information on Leonard but Mader was in Machine Head (awesome) and has produced some cool albums, including Five Finger Death Punch's The Way of the Fist. 

What struck me about "Closer to the Bone" is that upon my first real listening, I thought it was a cover of another song. In fact, my impetus for looking into this was to find out what the song was and who the original artist was. As you can see, it is an original tune, but has a certain something to it that feels familiar. Enjoy!

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