Thursday, October 31, 2013

My years in horror: 2013

This is it. We've looked at 33 movies and this in number 34, marking my 34th birthday today. Have a look back at the list. You might be surprised at a few entries and want to argue for other movies. By all means, do so. Let's talk about it. I've had fun doing the My Years in Horror series and maybe next year we'll look at books, or comics, or something else. Who knows? For now, enjoy the last entry.

And really, is this much of a surprise?

An R-rated horror movie with very little bad language, no sex, barely any blood, but as intense as hell? Yeah, that's The Conjuring. Here's what I said when I saw the movie this summer:

"The Conjuring hits every haunted house/possession story trope known to cinema since before 1963's The Haunting. Scary dolls, suicidal witches, possessed mothers, somewhat creepy little kids, things that go bump in the night, music boxes, hidden cellars, skeptical law enforcement, reluctant religious officials, rural New England, and the troubled pasts of our hero paranormal investigators all come into play during the almost two hours of the film. On the surface this seems like a huge mess and a case of seen-it-all-before-itis. It's a legit complaint, but let's think about why all of that stuff is in this one movie."

All that is still true. I keep hearing it, too. The Conjuring is just a bunch of cliches. The thing is, you can be cliche, you just have to validate it. This film does that and more. You have too look at why we have cliches and why they stick around.

I just ask that you be open minded. Do that and you'll have a good time.

And that's it. Goodnight, everybody.

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