Thursday, October 31, 2013

My years in horror: 2012

I'm torn between a movie I had waited for and knew would be great versus one that caught me off guard and actually gave me a few scares. Let's go with the one that scared me more.

Look, I love Cabin in the Woods but I can't say I was ever scared during the film. Sinister, on the other hand, continued to freak me out for about a week. I had zero expectations for the movie. I just needed a fix of horror. And oh boy, did I ever get my fix.

Yes, some of the plot is ridiculous. I thought we were beyond that here. The twists at the end can feel forced at the same time they are a surprise. You'll feel it coming, change your mind, and then regret it.

What you won't regret is giving up some time to Ethan Hawke's Ellison Oswalt (great name) and his family. Hawke plays the former golden boy crime writer looking for one more bestseller. So he moves his family (wife, son, daughter) into a home at which a brutal multiple murder occurred. AND DOESN'T TELL THEM.

Early in the film, Tracy (Juliet Rylance) asks her husband if he has moved them, next door to another crime scene (because he did that once before). He answers honestly, saying, "No, not right next door."

As much as my wife loves me, I wouldn't blame her for ditching me if I did that. You think Ellison is just a douche, but he really wants to be a good family man but he thinks the only way he can do it is to hit the bestseller list again. So, yeah, he's a douche, but he's also very human and asks for sympathy even when he may not deserve it.

Sinister is not only the best of 2012, but one of my favorite movies of this decade.

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