Friday, August 9, 2013

Side by side: "You're Next" and Erik Rowan of the WWE

You ever notice how certain ideas seem to take hold from different sources at the same time? Asteroids/comets destroying the planet, volcanoes, domes, and more. So I noticed something interesting while watching recent WWE programming and paying attention to the hype surrounding a soon-to-be-released horror flick. Have a look.

The image on the left is one of the many amazing posters for Adam Wingard's You're Next. The movie premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival and will get a wider (but probably not wide enough) release on Aug. 23 here in the States. The image on the right is of WWE wrestler Erik Rowan, a member of the cultish Wyatt Family. The Wyatts are just about the creepiest thing going in WWE right now. Rowan made his debut with the Wyatt's in WWE's developmental program NXT on Dec. 12, 2012, but it appears that he didn't start wearing the mask until shooting the vignettes hyping the Wyatt Family's debut on WWE Monday Night Raw.

So the question is, did the movie (or at the very least, it's poster) inspire the mask or is this just a total coincidence? Either way, it works for me. With the Wyatt Family's cult gimmick, the mask becomes a visible (and merchandisable) symbol of the group's agenda. I might get this line wrong but in one of group leader Bray Wyatt's promos he said something about how the lone wolf should fear the numbers of the sheep. It's scary and I love it.

The Wyatt Family will have its biggest moment to date on Aug. 18 when Bray Wyatt takes on Kane at the SummerSlam pay-per-view. It will be the group's first PPV appearance which makes the timing even more intriguing. If anyone from WWE, Lionsgate (distributor of You're Next), or anyone else involved with either side of this issue would care to comment, I'd love to hear from you.

For the rest of you, here's a trailer for You're Next and one of the Wyatt Family vignettes.


  1. The film has been around since 2011. Draw the obvious conclusion.

    As for the others (Armageddon, Deep Impact, etc.) These normally occur when one of two things happen: 1. A good script gets passed around/rejected in Hollywood. A studio rejects the script, but tweaks and steals it to make it into a big blockbuster. 2. Rumors of a big idea get around, and another studio quickly makes a rival idea to steal some of the thunder.

  2. Exactly. There are still quite a number of people who believe WWE had something to do with the film. really, the timing of the film's release and the push of Rowan as part of the Wyatt Family are completely coincidental.