Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Terrible twos

No, I'm not talking about my baby... yet. He has a long time before he reaches his terrible twos. I'm talking about this blog! Two years ago I had nothing to do and started Warning Signs with the loving support of my wife, Savannah.

Some months have been slower than others, but here's hoping for a great summer. I'm not taking any summer classes (because I graduated--finally--and won't be starting my master's degree until late September) and hope to do some great work in the 15 weeks until then.

Here's where you come in, gracious follower. What do you want to see on the blog? I can tell you now, you'll probably be seeing more book and video reviews than theatrical release reviews. New baby, remember?

Of course, I am always open to posting reviews of anything you might have seen. Just send a message to tj@warning-signs.net, put REVIEW and the title in the subject line and we'll get you posted. (There is, I'm sad to say, no money in this. I tell people not to work for free but I haven't made a dime off this blog in two years, so you won't either.)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.

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