Wednesday, June 5, 2013

School's Out

In less than two hours I will be giving my final undergraduate group presentation. The presentations for the class are on films considered to be "Hitchcockian." (Yes, I took a whole class on Hitchcock and it was awesome ... more on that in a bit.) My group is presenting on Charade (1963), a film which has little to do with the nature of this site. The point is that in a few hours, I will be done with my bachelor's degree. Graduation is Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon, for those of you living in my general area, is a zombie walk. These events are always a good time for people with a general interest in horror to get together with people who only like zombies. In a way, it's like shopping at Hot Topic in October, but much less pretentious.

Back to Hitchcock for a moment. My wife--who is better than your wife--bought me the best grad/dad present: The Alfred Hitchcock Master Collection on Blu-ray. Not only does it have classics such as Psycho, The Birds and Vertigo, but also Shadow of a Doubt, and our family favorite The Trouble with Harry. So far, I've only managed to watch North by Northwest but it sure looked good.

And that's it. School is out for the summer. Cheers.

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