Friday, June 14, 2013

Re-enter the GOREZONE

The late 1980s and early 1990s were a good time for magazines. One that stood out for many horror fans was the Fangoria-produced GOREZONE. GOREZONE didn't pull any punches; the short-lived (only 27 issues) magazine lived up to its title by highlighting true cinematic gore even beyond what its parent publication printed.

Current Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Chris Alexander is bring GOREZONE back. From the new GOREZONE Facebook page:

"From the makers of FANGORIA comes...GOREZONE.
Launched in 1988 as a rougher sister to our flagship magazine FANGORIA, GOREZONE ran for only 27 issues. We're thrilled to announce its triumphant return...
"Edited by FANGORIA EIC Chris Alexander, this new wave of GOREZONE issues are only sold via on a subscription and sell through basis only. No newsstand. No filler. Just splattery,sexy, rock and roll horror magazine goodness...delivered right to your door."
The best part is that if you subscribe now, you'll get a sweet deal and the possibility of winning a framed GOREZONE #1.  Subscribers will get their first copies of the relaunch in September.
The new run will begin with Issue #28 and, as you read above, will only be available vie subscription or on Fangoria's website. You won't accidentally come across an issue of GOREZONE at the Barnes & Noble. While this does eliminate the possibility of influencing random rack browsers, I understand the idea. If done properly, GOREZONE is something you need to seek out; you have to want it.
I have a feeling Alexander and company will do just fine.

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