Saturday, June 15, 2013

I've got my cake!

As I write this, my three-month-old son is cooing away in his crib. We spent 90 minutes trying to get him to go to sleep. He's in there now and he doesn't sound unhappy, so I'm writing. Maybe, just maybe, he'll fall asleep on his own. I hear they can do that at about his age.

Tomorrow is my first Father's Day as a father. Up to now, I've just been a son. My son, Clark, is great. On his bad days, after two or more hours of crying, it only takes two seconds of smiling for me to forget how hard parenting is and just enjoy the moment.

Before I get too sappy for you, there is a point here: in horror movies and books, there are a lot of wretched fathers or just normal fathers who cracked. (The difference, if you don't know, is the difference between Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in the film The Shining and the Jack Torrance of Stephen King's novel The Shining. Believe it or not, the difference is an ocean.)

So I'll have my Father's Day. I've been watching my present already: the 15-film Alfred Hitchcock Master Collection on Blu-Ray for about a week and a half now. To say the least, it's awesome (but not as awesome as my wife who found it and then bought it for me).

(Incredibly, I think my plan worked. Clark appears to have cooed himself back to sleep. We'll check in again later.)

For the rest of you fathers out there--and you hopefully know who you are--have a great day. As I am learning, the work never ends and as much as you think you are doing, mom is doing more.

Now, let us share a clip and a song. The first comes from Creepshow and I think you know what it is. The great part about Creepshow is that the opening and closing segments star a young Joseph Hillstrom King, now known to readers as author Joe Hill.

Great stuff, right there. Moving on to our song. I thought about giving you a clip of Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" because Clark freaking loves the man in black, but I have some other Cash stuff for another post another time. Instead, dig this tale of one of those fathers who thought he was doing right but a few mistakes along the way. (The video isn't important. Just  listen to the song.) It's called "At the End of the Road" and horror fans should recognize it from the Masters of Horror soundtrack.

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