Saturday, June 29, 2013

Half-year review: Lucky '13

July is nearly upon us, so this is as good a time as any to review the year 2013 as it has been so far.

The year started with Texas Chainsaw 3D and it was better than it probably should have been but still nowhere near the original. The great part, of course, was finally seeing Leatherface be the hero.

There was kind of lull in theatrical horror movies, which worked out because there was kind of a lull on this blog. My wife and I had our first child, so give me a break.

The first half of the year did see the continued success of The Walking Dead and the show's third season. I'm behind there, too. I don't have cable and have wait until each season is on Netflix. In other words, I'll get to season three right around the time season four starts.

We were treated to The Evil Dead remake and all its practical effects gory glory. I went with my mom and had a blast. If you haven't seen it, make sure you stay through the credits.

Rob Zombie released his latest (and last?) horror flick Lords of Salem. My local theaters didn't get it so I haven't seen it yet. I hear it's great.

We lost a handful of great writers  and artists this year, too. Richard Matheson passed away almost a week ago and we lost stop motion guru Ray Harryhausen earlier in the year. Writers David B. Silva, Rick Hautala, and James Herbert have also gone into whatever comes after this life.

Speaking of writers, Joe Hill released NOS4A2 which I have almost finished, Stephen King released Joyland (which I'll get to when I finish Hill's book) and Neil Gaiman (not a horror author but definitely under the umbrella of this blog) released The Ocean at the End of the Lane. 

There are always new horror novels and short story collections coming out. If you want me to read yours, I'd be happy to. Just let me know. 

Here in Yakima, we saw the opening of the Zombieland Shop If you are ever in town, check it out.

The store held a great event prior to the release of World War Z and the good news is that the movie is worth your money.

So, while not comprehensive, that's pretty much how the year has gone so far. What has been your favorite moment in horror this year? Let us know.

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