Monday, June 24, 2013

Dome Depot

I don't have regular TV. Like many modern viewers, I have to wait for shows to be available on NetFlix and/or HuluPlus before I get to watch them. So I won't get to see tonight's premiere of "Under the Dome" on CBS.

From what I hear, it sounds like it should be a great show for the 13-episode run. The Stephen King novel the show is based on is great... until the end.

It's a massive novel filled with amazing characters. And then it ended. I'm not going to tell you how the book ended because you should read it and find out for yourself. Plus, there's a damn good chance that the series will come to the same conclusion. Which sucks.

I'm a huge King fan, but we can't sugarcoat over everything that isn't up to par just because it has a certain person's name on it. When you've written more than 50 books, you are allowed a mulligan or two but that doesn't mean we can't call you out on it.  Under the Dome would be one of King's best books if not for the ending. And to paraphrase a character from King's past, the only thing that matters is the ending. As another character would say, it's a cock-a-doodie ending.

I'm counting on the "Under the Dome" series to start strong and have a compelling middle. Here's hoping the ending doesn't disappoint.

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