Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nightmare on Elmo Street

You may have heard. I'm a dad now. My wife and I have had to make some adjustments, particularly in the area of sleep. Clark, our son, is more than two months old now and neither of us has been caught up on sleep since.

In other words, I've been thinking about A Nightmare on Elm Street a lot lately. The biggest difference, of course, is that I WANT to go to sleep. The crazy thing is that when I have been able to sleep, I've been having vivid dreams and some rather horrible nightmares. Tragically, I wasn't able to write any of them down. I hate losing such good material.

I haven't watched Nightmare since the birth of my son, but I'm thinking about it. It's getting harder to choose what to watch. I'm not getting more prudish--at least I don't think so--but some things are bothering me more than they used to. I was trying to get through season two of The Walking Dead a couple weeks ago and there is a shot of a bloodied and battered child's car seat in one episode. No child was around, thankfully, but even the sight of the seat made me cringe more than I would have a few months ago. I had to turn it off.

I can also admit to nearly losing it during the opening sequence of Hotel Transylvania. We watched it the weekend before Clark was born and the scenes of Dracula raising his little girl go to me. Turns out I'm a soft touch.

So maybe I won't watch A Nightmare on Elm Street for a number of reasons. Discounting the sleep deprivation angle, there's the whole Freddy Krueger is a child murderer thing to consider. Parts five and six, The Dream Child and Freddy's Dead, are definitely out. I just can't take it right now.

I might be stuck with such fare as The Great Bear Scare (cheesy cartoon from 1983 about a town of bears who are afraid of monsters, available via Netflix Instant Stream) and The Great Mouse Detective (it's Disney, but Vincent Price voices the villain, so it's a good substitute).

I may have to avoid many of my favorite Stephen King books/movies until I think I'm over this. (Or until I'm ready to do my scholarly work on the subject, whichever comes first.)

I'm curious: you other parents out there, what gets to you? What can't you watch anymore that you could before you became a parent?

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