Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Win! Alice in Zombieland

Tomorrow, we'll be featuring a blog tour stop from Josh Cook to promote "Alice in Zombieland." It'll be a real treat, I assure you.

I was supposed to start up a contest to give away a digital copy of the book last week, but I forgot. (I'll tell you why soon.) So we're starting it now. Here's the rules:

We will feature "Alice in Zombieland" on Thursday, July 25. I want comments. Best comment wins. Sound easy? It's not. I'm a picking judge. The winner will be selecting for insight, originality, creativity and timeliness. That's right, there's a deadline. To be eligible, you must comment between the time the post first shows up (keep your eyes open) and midnight July 31.

So watch for the tour, think of something smart to say and leave your comments.

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