Friday, July 13, 2012

Radcliffe stays scary for Joe Hill's HORNS

News of out the San Diego Comic-Con (where I'm not) is that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) will star as Ig Perrish in the film adaptation of Joe Hill's 2010 novel Horns.

French director Alexandre Aja is set to helm the flick.

Horns is the story of a man suspected, but never convicted, of killing his girlfriend. One morning he wakes up with horns that only he can see and the power to get people to tell him the absolute truth, no matter how horrible it is to hear.

I liked this book (and maybe will get to read it again and talk more about it). Hill is an amazingly gifted writer (good genes + natural talent + supreme dedication = awesome writer) and Horns is a novel that tackles some seriously heinous parts of humanity. Personally, I'd prefer to see Heart-Shaped Box on the big screen, but that's just my opinion.

As for Radcliffe in the role, I say go for it. (Cred losing admission: Haven't yet watched "The Woman in Black." If it shows up on Netflix soon or I find an extra $1.30 to get it from Redbox, I'll let you know.) What I have seen of Radcliffe lately is an actor who has matured in front of the camera and is now taking some serious risks. Ig Perrish is about as flawed of a hero as anyone could ask for.

According to the Bloody Disgusting article linked above, shooting is scheduled to begin in the fall. If everything goes well, maybe we'll get this in time for a twisted Valentine's Day treat.

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