Saturday, June 16, 2012

Prometheus: born to be wild

First of all, "Prometheus" will not be referred to as a prequel to "Alien" from here on out. Just to be clear. Yes, there are aliens, even glimpses of the xenomorphs from the other films. But it's not a direct prequel. So we'll just not label it, m'kay?

Let's talk about what else I didn't like about this movie: Guy Pearce's old man make-up just didn't look right. I know they wanted someone they could do scenes of as a younger man and then do make-up for old age, but geez, that get up looked awful.

I also did not like having a bunch of little kids in the theater I attended. My local theater company celebrated its 100th anniversary by having admission and concessions specials. That doesn't mean you should bring your toddler to a sci-fi horror movie. LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME! You got in for a dollar, you could have afforded a babysitter.

That's pretty much it for the bad news. No, seriously. I mean that. It's not perfect, but I only paid $2 to see it in 3D, so I think I got my money's worth.

The story is interesting enough to keep one involved and the acting is adequate. I'm not a Noomi Rapace fan, per se, but you know who rules? Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba. Fassbender seemingly channels the evil computer HAL from "2001: A Space Odyssey" to blond perfection. He's cold and figuring out his robotic motivation takes about half the movie. As for Elba, would somebody give him a starring role, please? He's a total badass, in this, "Thor" and everything else he's in. he's one of those actors who I believe when he talks, no matter what weird situation he's in.

I'd also like to know why director Ridley Scott hasn't made more of these kind of movies. If you've forgotten how good Scott can be, this will remind you. The film is beautiful and well-paced. The 3D is--and this is hard for me to admit--amazing. If every space movie could look this good in 3D, I wouldn't want my space movie done any other way.

There's enough H.R. Giger design in the film to satisfy any hardcore "Alien" fan, even though it takes a while to get to it. It takes some time for the action to get going, too, but that's part of Scott's pacing. There's anticipation as you wait for whatever horrible thing is going to happen. And then it does and it gets worse before it gets better. Actually, the situation never really gets better. And that's OK.

Scott doesn't hold back, either. Remember those little kids I said were there? They should not have been, particularly when our heroine gets some elective surgery. I know it's CGI, but it's brutal.

You probably won't get in for as cheap as I did, but that shouldn't stop you from seeing "Prometheus." It's worth your time.

Threat level: ORANGE. It's good, you should go.

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