Saturday, June 2, 2012

Constant Reading Project: I did not get a gypsy curse

Perhaps you have been wondering just what the hell has been going on with the Constant Reading Project lately. If you have, thanks. If you haven't, well, you haven't missed anything.

You see, I went back to school and that sucked up a lot of my time. Plus I still had to go to work. I know, plenty of people do more than that and still keep up on things. I'm sorry.

Then there was the 16 pounds I lost and the diabetes diagnosis I received. Losing that much weight and reading "Thinner" was not fun.

I can tell you for 100 percent sure I did not come into contact with any gypsies. As I said, my weight loss was due to Type 2 diabetes. Now I am a human pin cushion and have to bleed a little three times a day.

Plenty of people have it worse.


About the book.

It's not one of King's strongest and he's clearly trying to throw people off the path toward knowing he was Richard Bachman. Self-referencing doesn't work, especially when you've done it before under your own name. (See my gripe about "The Dead Zone.") It's not one of his worst, either. If anything, one could say this is average King. Most books are like this. There are some great scenes and some well-written characters surrounded by things that don't seem to need to be there.

And it's a small book, only 318 pages in paperback, so there's not a lot to cut. Then again, Billy Halleck started at 246 pounds and then lost weight. I'm 246 now.

Our running page count is 7,288. To say that I am behind is an understatement. Up next is the short story collection "Skeleton Crew."

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