Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ghostbusters party over here!

Warning Signs headquarters will be hosting a "Ghostbusters" party for a few select friends Monday night. If you've been reading, you'll know how much I LOVE this movie (and the sequel, although not as much).

The purpose of the party, however, is the true highlight. We'll be hosting a young friend who HAS NEVER SEEN GHOSTBUSTERS. It's not entirely her fault. She celebrated her 23rd birthday last week. She wasn't even alive when the movie came out in 1984. (This is also my wife's excuse for having never seen "E.T." but only so much slack can be given.)

If I remember to go grocery shopping, I'm going to make a batch of Ecto Cooler. I should get some marshmallows, too.

My question for you, friends, is what else do we need for a "Ghostbusters" party? Twinkies? A cat and dog couple? Best ideas get an imaginary Crunch bar from yours truly.

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