Monday, April 16, 2012

Horror Poetry Day

April is National Poetry Month. I happen to be taking a poetry class right now. Tonight, for class and fun, I will be going to a reading by Ted Kooser.

With all this poetry going on, I've decided to turn Monday into Horror Poetry Day. And guess what? I happen to be a published horror poet.

My poem "Dead Again Tomorrow" appeared in the March 2009 edition of Niteblade, a Canadian-based web and print on demand literary magazine. Publisher and editor Rhonda Parrish gets some great work, whether you prefer poetry or prose.

And she needs your help.

Parrish is starting a fundraiser to help keep the mag going today. Follow this link for more info on Niteblade and how you can help. It's a worthy cause. (Of course, if you wanted to, I'd be happy to accept your donations, too.)

So, Horror Poetry Day. What's your favorite macabre poem? Have you written anything that might qualify? Let me know at If I get enough poems I can feature one a week.


  1. Horror Poetry Day sounds like a nifty feature.

  2. Should be its own holiday. Maybe Poe's birthday?