Sunday, April 15, 2012

Constant reading project: tWinning

With my wife out of town and no pressing homework, I have somehow managed to finish The Talisman.

That will probably be the fastest 700 pages of the project. Maybe I didn't do as close a reading as I should have, but I read it.

Here's what I took away from this reading:

The King'Straub combo banged out some amazing characters. I'd put Jack Sawyer up against just about any other protagonist in either author's career and nine times out of ten he'd come out on top. Jack is one of the most believable characters out there. Through him, I totally buy everything that happens.

Much of Jack's strength as a character comes from how other characters react to him. I particularly enjoy Wolf. Part of me wishes he had his own book.

The shifts between worlds -- our "reality" and The Territories-- are beautiful. Each makes the other feel simultaneously more real and more magical. Which is odd because New Jersey isn't a place one immediately thinks of as being magical. The descriptions of settings, the people who populate these two worlds and the invitation to live there as a reader made it possible for me to blaze through the book.

Maybe I should have slowed down. I'm sure those of you who love this book (Spooky Sean, I'm talking to you) could go on and on about it's brilliance.

I think it's enough for me now to tell you to re-read it if it's been awhile since your last trip to the Territories. If it's one you've never read, well, get with it.

As I mentioned, I read a 735-page paperback. That seems like a lot, but the next book is It. (Editor's note: I got a bit ahead of myself. I have three books to go before I get to IT.)

We're now at 6,970. We're almost a third of the way through the year, too. Now you know why I went through The Talisman as fast as I did.

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