Monday, February 6, 2012

Constant reading project: Firestopper

So here's the thing. Firestarter has never been among my favorite Stephen King books. That hasn't changed.

If anything, I might like it less.

When I first read the 1980 novel, I was an untrained reader/writer. I was raw and dirty. That's how I liked my art, whether film, literature, music or other.

Firestarter always felt forced. King has often said he writes without outlines, just free-wheelin' wherever the story takes him. Firestarter feels as if every beat was planned well ahead of time but when it came time to write, the outline forced things to happen instead of letting things go on their own.

The good news is that Firestarter is relatively short. The time invested in the novel is fairly equal to the enjoyment gained from it. Not much time, not much enjoyment. It is fast-paced, which is good, but there's not as much connection to the characters as some of King's other works.

There are no characters in the next book, so even disconnected characters are better in the eyes of some.

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