Thursday, February 9, 2012

Briefly, on Harlan Ellison

I just finished watching the 2007 documentary "Harlan Ellison: Dreams with Sharp Teeth."

If you've ever read Ellison (Harlan Ellison is a copyright of The Kilimanjaro Corporation), you know he is a genius/madman (and oh, how often the two are one). The film intersperses clips from lectures and talk show appearances, interviews with the subject and friends, and segments of Ellison reciting his works.

I enjoy films such as this. It offers a glimpse into another writer's world and let's me know that A) I'm not that cluttered, B) I'm not even close to being in his league-- not that many are, and C) it takes a bit of madness to be that good.

Another important lesson for me and any aspiring artist can be found in the clip linked here. Ellison reminds us all that writing (and by extension any creative art) IS work and one should always get paid for his or her work.

It is appropriate that I mention Ellison now, as he will soon come up in Danse Macabre. Stephen King was smart enough to let Ellison speak for himself.

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