Friday, January 20, 2012

Belated birthdays and traveling blues

I'm on vacation (trapped in snow in North Idaho) so I missed a couple birthdays this week.

Happy birthday to director John Carpenter. I still haven't watched "The Ward," but it's in my Netflix queue.

Happy birthday to Edgar Allan Poe. (I don't think he'll notice that I'm a day late.)

Now for traveling news:

My wife and I had originally planned to drive through Utah and Nevada to visit some of my family (and to pick up some of the books I need for the Constant Reading Project). Due to unforeseen expenses related to a vehicle, that plan was scrapped. Yes, I'm sad about that but I'm not letting it ruin our good time.

Instead, we are in Sandpoint, Idaho, where my wife grew up. Every time we're here, I like to visit the Corner Bookstore on Main Street. The store has a fine selection of new and used books, which is awesome. That's not why I go there. I go there to ogle the Stephen King first editions. I spent ten minutes just staring at a first edition of "The Stand" which was next to first editions-- the Donald M. Grant limited first editions-- of the second and third "Dark Tower" books. I covered my ears as my wife asked how much the books cost. I could still hear the proprietor as he said, "Those two are $750. I have more in the back. That there is the British edition of 'Desperation,' came out six weeks before we got it in the U.S."

I simultaneously love and hate this man. I'm thinking of going back while I'm still here and asking if I can see what else he has. I know he has other British editions on the regular shelf. There's a British edition of "Misery" I wouldn't mind having. He has a second printing of the first edition of "The Shining," too. It's a more manageable $35. What I need, though, and I haven't told my wife this, is a first edition of "The Dark Half." While "Misery" was my first King, "The Dark Half" sealed my fate. I wouldn't having that British "Desperation," either. We're going to have a lot of fun talking about that book when we get to it.

Anyway, I have to get dressed and get ready to brave the snow. There is some seafood chowder in my immediate future. And in case you're keeping track, I'm 500 pages away from finishing "The Stand."

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