Monday, December 12, 2011

Win stuff from me

Every once in a while, I point you, dear readers, to contests on other sites. Now it is time for Warning Signs to hold contest of its own. This is the Constant Reading Project contest.

There are three ways to enter this contest.
1. Like our Facebook page.
2. Follow us on Twitter @Warning_Signs31.
3. Leave a comment on a post (this is mostly for those of you who have already done the first two).

When doing one (or all) of these three things, leave the following message:

On New Year's Eve (Dec. 31, 2011), I will randomly select at least four winners for the following prizes:
1. 1985 first printing Signet edition (paperback) of "Thinner."
2. 1986 ninth printing Signet edition (paperback) of "The Bachman Books," which includes the now out of print novel "Rage."
3. 1997 first printing Signet edition (paperback) of "Desperation."
4. 1988 first edition (hardback) of "Prime Evil," the classic short story anthology which includes Stephen King's "The Night Flier" and other stories by Clive Barker, David Morrell, Ramsey Campbell, and Peter Straub. The dust jacket is a bit beat up, but this is still a great book to have.

I might add more prizes as the Constant Reading Project continues throughout the year. Keep your eyes peeled.

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