Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween has come and gone. If you are one of those people who only lets your freak flag fly but once a year, fine. We'll see you next October. For Warning Signs, turning the page on the calendar does not mean the end of scares. November should be a great month, too. The new Stephen King novel "11/22/63" comes out this month and you can bet We'll get it and read it as fast as possible. We'll also be looking forward to the holiday season and all the frightful fun that comes with that. ("A Christmas Story" is not a horror film, even though Bob Clark, director of "Black Christmas" made it. It might be one of the scariest non-horror movies around.) During the month, your humble narrator will be attempting National Novel Writing Month. The goal of NaNoWriMo is put 50,000 words on the page in 30 days. If you, too, are getting involved, let us know. If you are writing a horror novel, we just might highlight your efforts. Thanks for a great October. Let's finish 2011 strong.

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