Friday, October 21, 2011

ZomBcon, Friday

Day one of ZomBcon 2011 is done, at least for your humble (and tired) narrator. Without getting too deeply into the meat of the day, let's look at a few pictures, shall we?

The morning started with a screening of "Night of the Living Dead." Judith O'Dea, who played Barbara in the George A. Romero film, then spoke about her experience working on it.

O'Dea has a firm grasp on what she did in the film, although she said she did not realize how important it was while filming.

"She (Barbara) doesn't scream like you say a Scream Queen screams," O'Dea said of the moment she finally fights back. "She yells."

In my favorite panel of the day, Fangoria editor-in-chief Chris Alexander was joined by some of his writers to discuss the current state of the big dog in horror journalism.

A lengthier analysis of this panel will come later. Two things to point out now: Alexander and his writers all agreed that if one wants to successfully write about horror films, one must have an appreciation for cinema beyond the genre and that all of the writers on the panel have interests outside of journalism and horror.

And yes, Mr. Alexander, you can expect my pitch soon.

Finally, for tonight, a photo of your humble narrator (I'm the chunky fellow sporting the New Jersey Devils gear) and Jovanka Vuckovic, former editor of Rue Morgue, author of "Zombies! An Illustrated History of the Undead." We had a great chat at her booth in the artists' alley. She's on three panels I am looking forward to: one on women in horror, one on the evolution of horror journalism and one on her own short film "The Captured Bird."

There will be more from today later. And there's still two days of fun left. Keep following as I flood Twitter with posts. And if you are at ZomBcon and you see me, say hello.

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