Friday, October 21, 2011

Start the day off NIGHT

It's the official Day One of ZomBcon 2011. I've been awake since about 5:30 this morning, full of anticipation.

Last night was great. The Welcome tot he Apocalypse party was a fun time to mingle with some of the guests. Met John Amplas, star of George Romero's "Martin" and Michael Gornick, director and cinematographer. Complete gentlemen. The two joined for a panel later in the evening to discuss "Martin." (Full report to follow and watch the ZomBcon site for footage of the panel.)

Also witnessed Bill Moseley and Tom Savini just hanging out, shooting the breeze.

This morning, on my way to the convention site at the SeaTac Hilton, I walked by Jovanka Vucovick and felt like a total nerd for recognizing her. It was early, so I didn't say anything. There will be plenty of time to make a fool of myself.

In the meantime, "Paranormal Activity 3" opens tonight. You should go. I'll be busy and will catch it later.

I will also catch you later, when I have a better wi-fi signal. Plenty of photos will be yours, if you are patient.

Stay Scared,

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