Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dawn of Day 2, ZomBcon 2011

In about an hour and half, a number of actors will join for a panel on what it is like for an actor to work with George Romero. Don't you wish you were at ZomBcon 2011?

There are a couple of panels I am really looking forward to today such as "A Brave New World: Women in Horror Talk the Apocalypse." Ask my wife, I'm totally a third-wave feminist. The women on the panel, including Jovanka Vuckovic, will talk about the expanding and changing roles of women in horror journalism, literature and film making.

Later, Vuckovic wil be talking about the short film she's making called "The Captured Bird." She told me it's been her own version of film school and I am very excited to hear her talk about it for an hour. I'm such a nerd.

There are also panels on "The Walking Dead" and one with special effects icon Tom Savini.

If you are coming, check out the schedule at the ZomBcon website.

If you are here, say hello!

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