Monday, September 5, 2011

A visit to the chopping mall

Ah, yes. Early September is the time of year when the Halloween stores open up in empty mall locations around the country. I stopped by one for a quick visit, just to see what's popular this year.

Aside from the usual array of movie monsters (you can still be Freddy or Jason, but now you can also be Sexy Freddy or Sexy Jason or, yes, even Sexy Chucky), it seems everyone is going to be a zombie this year.

I'm not surprised by that. For more than 40 years, George Romero has been pimping the idea that zombies are us. Well now it seems all of us are zombies. That's cool and all, I'd just ask that you get creative with your costumes. Think outside the costume bag, as my wife so eloquently put it.

In other words, don't expect to pay $25 and have a great costume. Contrary to what the pictures show, no costume comes complete in the bag. You need make up and the will to be a convincing zombie (or werewolf, vampire, slasher, etc.) Halloween can't be packaged into little plastic bags. It's about imagination and letting go of yourself for a night.

Halloween answers the question: If you could be anything for one night, what would it be?

And if you are stuck on being a zombie, well, what else would you be? Zombie cheerleader? Zombie bus driver? Zombie taco? Seriously. If you want to be a zombie taco, you can.

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