Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's Four Past Midnight, let Stephen King Week begin

It's the time you've all been waiting for. The clock has struck four past midnight, so it's time for Stephen King Week to begin at Warning Signs.

We'll be celebrating the good, the bad and the ugly of our favorite contemporary author all week. Why, you ask? Because Wednesday, September 21 is Uncle Stevie's 64th birthday.

We'll still talk about other things going bump in the night, such as Alice Cooper's new album, AMC's "The Walking Dead" and a look at horror in American history with W. Scott Poole's "Monsters in America." But the biggest number of posts will center on the man who made Maine famous for horror fans throughout the nation and the world.

We might even talk a little baseball, as the Boston Red Sox close out the regular season with eyes on the Major League Baseball playoffs.

So grab your favorite book, turn the bathroom light on and get a snack (something red and meaty). Stephen King Week is here.

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