Sunday, September 4, 2011

Addams versus Munsters, part 1


It's throwdown time. The Addams Family versus the Munsters. We all have our preferences. We're going to go point by point, head to head and see who comes out on top.

For this showdown, we'll start with the men of the house: Gomez Addams and Herman Munster.

Gomez Addams, as played by John Astin, was a sharp-dressed madman. He's the epitome of the greatest argument about the two TV shows. Is he just a weird guy or is there something else going on? One can ask the question of the entire family. With the Munsters, you know what you are getting. With the Addams' we can't be sure.

PRO: great eyes and voice. Sharp dresser. Independently wealthy. Loves his wife.
CON: could be a serial killer for all we know.

Herman Munster (Fredd Gwynne) is well put together, to say the least. He's a big, lovable goofball. In many ways, he's the complete opposite of Gomez Addams. They do have similarities. Both love their wives and take good care of their families.

PRO: One of the best laughs in TV history. Super strength. Great taste in cars.
CON: Least monstrous monster ever.

Hard to tell who wins out here. Based on his strength, we know Herman would win a brawl, but don't put it past Gomez to sweet talk his way out of a fight. Have to go with brains over brawn.

Next up, two of the hottest MILFs ever.

 The TV version of Morticia Addams, played by Carolyn Jones, held her own against other 1960s TV sexpots. Ginger and MaryAnne, Jeannie ... they have their fans. But when Morticia raises an eyebrow with her hands crossed over her bosom, well, I'm sunk. She captured a subtle brand of sexy that would soon be lost as that decade wore on.

PROS: Fine-honed wit, supple movements, unironic delivery.
CONS: Well, if I had to pick one, she is a bit overprotective, in her own special way.

 Lily Munster, as played by Yvonne De Carlo, is almost as funny as her husband, but in many ways, she is too self-aware. She's self-aware in a way that makes her the most normal person around and everyone else off their rockers. But at the same time, you kind of always get the sense that she's in on the joke. If anyone is nodding to the audience, it's Lily.

PROS: A little more color in her wardrobe. Puts up with Herman's bumbling.
CONS: Seems to always know it's not real.

Of all the match ups, this one really is the toughest. There are no ties in this game, so I'm giving another win to the Addams family.

Part two of this showdown will look at the children, grandparents and other ancillary family members.

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