Saturday, September 10, 2011

Addams Family versus The Munsters, part two


Round one in the battle between the Addams Family and the Munsters fell very much in the favor of the Addams Family, based on the strengths of Gomez and Morticia.

Round two could go either way.

The next question is, do you look at each child individually or do you take them as a group? And if Marilyn Munster is to be considered a child, where does that leave Uncle Fester? maybe we'll have to wait and save them for later.

So let's talk grandparents.

Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster (occasionally alluded to being Count Dracula himself) was comic relief in a show that didn't need any. It seemed like Grandpa was always on, ready with a joke, a potion or a spell to add even more mischief to situations that didn't need to get any more complicated.

PROS: Snazzy duds, quick wit, heck of a driver.
CONS: Um, uh, kind of a weak bloodsucker to be the king of vampires.

Like Grandpa Munster, Grandmama Addams (or Granny Frump, depending on what incarnation you are watching) dabbles in magic. For all intents and purposes, Grandmama is a witch. She's funy and usually has a great one-liner for every show. And that's about it. Grandmama is a weak link when it comes to the Addams Family's dominance.

PROS: Knows more than she lets one.
CONS: Never really tells us anything.

Grandpa Munster represents and brings the score to 2-1.

After thinking about it, I have decided that it is more fair to take each character individually. Which means its time for Eddie vs. Puggsley.

Edward Wolfgang Munster pretty much rules. Not just because actor Butch Patrick is active on the horror scene, but because I could see Eddie growing up to be greater than Herman and Gomez.

Eddie is a werewolf. Which is what happens when vampires and men pieced together from cadavers get it on. Bet you didn't know that, did you? For a werewolf, Eddie is a nice kid, too. He's like Beaver Cleaver with fangs instead of buckteeth. (Which was kind of the point.)

PROS: Looks good in a suit, fine young gentleman, good with animals.
CONS: That schoolboy suit looks a little gay.

I always expected Puggsley Addams to have a bullying problem. Let's face it. He's fat and weird-looking. Poor kid. I never got the impression he was as into all the weird crap going on in his house as everyone else was. That's why in the first episode, he wanted to be a Boy Scout. Maybe Gomez and Morticia should have let him be a Scout. He might have slimmed up.

PROS: He's still an Addams and takes very good care of his pet octopus.
CONS: Doesn't really carry his own weight. (OK, that was mean. I'm sorry.)

Are you keeping score? This ties it up at two points a piece with only Wednesday, Lurch and Uncle Fester left to go head to head with Marilyn Munster. Not exactly fair, is it? Stay tuned for the final epic battles in The Addams Family versus The Munsters, part 3.

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