Monday, August 22, 2011

Voltaire's "Goodnight, Demon Slayer"

Today, I will be visiting a brand new baby, not much more than a week old. Gets the good old biological clock ticking, you know what I mean?

That, of course, makes me wonder what kind of father I will end up being. I'm hoping to be a cool dad. I imagine that Voltaire, goth troubadour extraordinaire, is cool dad, especially based on his song "Goodnight, Demon Slayer." It's kind of a disturbing song about how monsters are real, but the "little slayer" being sung to is strong enough to send them all to Hell.

Yes, that'll be my kid. Not fearless, per se, but a master of his fears. Sure, there might be a monster in the closet, but who cares? It can't hurt you.

And me as a daddy, well, you can bet I'll probably tel more than one scary bedtime story. I can't help it, that's just how I am. Then, we can stay awake all night if we have to.

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